Criptology toy for Kids and for some adults

Bigfoot the Monster will be stomping into a store near you in just a few months.

This remote-controlled robotic monster is very engaging and so easy to use that preschoolers will look like professional Bigfoot tamers. With preset movements (includng flips!), facial expressions, and sounds, Bigfoot is a super fun and interactive toy to add to your toy box.

Using the footprint-shaped remote control, young children will quickly learn Bigfoots commands through the intuitive icons located on the remotes large buttons. The smiley face icon makes Bigfoot happy, the mad face icon makes Bigfoot angry.

BigFoot has seven feature buttons and can walk forward and backwards, sleep, throw a ball, exercise, and even do forward somersaults and backwards rolls. Seeing him roll forwards and back was rather impressive because he’ll beging the roll with a dramatic drop to the ground complete with grunting and caveman like talk.

Then BigFoot will roll over himself to get himself back on his feet. It’s safe to say that BigFoot has quite the large personality. He’ll laugh, roar, pound his fists, raise his arms above his head and shake his fists, lift weights, among making loads of great exclamations and sounds. He’s capable of making a variety of facial expressions, which is hard to not love.

He even has interactive buttons on his body. Press his belly and hear him laugh, or press his mouth and watch him chew and burp.

Bigfoot is to be released through the Imaginext line of Fisher Price in June 2010. His average retail price will be $99.99. He uses a rechargeable battery and his remote requires two “AA” batteries.

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Source: ChipChicklets.com

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