Alabama Family is Going to kill Bigfoot

Gainestown family in Clarke County, Alabama is going to kill Bigfoot mapA family in Clarke County, Alabama is sick and tired and is ready to kill Bigfoot.

A native Texas man is claiming a Bigfoot is harassing his family and hurting his outdoor pets in the community of Gainestown, southwest Alabama.

On May 30 2016, Cryptozoology News posted an article stating that his family are tired of dealing with the creature and are threatening to kill it, unless law enforcement come to “capture and remove” the crypto.

Why they want to kill Bigfoot

On July 5th, 2015 an unnamed witness reported to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization his first encountered with a Sasquatch creature while resting after a family reunion in Gainestown, an unincorporated Clarke County community of about 800 residents.

“It was 3:30 a.m. and I had fallen asleep on my cousin’s sofa. All of a sudden the dogs started going crazy and heard one of them yelling out like it was hurt,” and continued. “Then I heard the sounds of something coming up on the front of the porch so I sat up to look out of the front window… what I saw was unforgettable and unbelievable.”

He described the creature as eight feet tall, about 800 pounds, bipedal, covered with reddish-brown fur, large feet about sixteen inches arms measuring around five feet long with a distinctive smell like “cheese gone bad”.

He observed the very muscular bizarre creature for 20 minutes, and too scare to move, his cellphone was on the charger in the other side of the room, also he did not want to move and scare it away.

Alabama Family is Going to kill BigfootWhen finished with the trash the Bigfoot took a leap to the ground and crossed 30-foot road to disappear thru a ravine.

Days later on July 8th The Bigfoot allegedly killed another family member a bulldog.

The case was investigated by the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO), investigator Mike Brumfield tells he knows the area and “if I were a Sasquatch, that’s where I would live”.

According to the him, the family is living in fear because this was not the first time the Bigfoot come to their property.
The creature has been harassing family members, in May it chases another family member. In June the creature peep into family members window in broad open day time and hurting their outdoor pets.

Even living in Texas he is trying to get a group together to try to kill it because he believes no one will do anything to research and capture the Sasquatch(es).

Clarke County Sheriff never had one report about Bigfoot

On June 9th edition ,the weekly Clarke County Democrat, reporter Jim Cox interviewed Clarke County Sheriff Ray Norris about Bigfoot encounter in the region, but Norris said that “We’ve never had one reported” and added “Call us, I’d sure like to see one”.

Jim Cox asked in his article that anyone with information about or photos of the creature to contact the newspaper office in Grove Hill.

The sheriff had not known, Clarke County has a long history of sightings of the elusive creature. BFRO website presents another three reports:

  • October 2001  – Two friends have a possible nighttime sighting on a rural road outside Madison.
    The two witnesses observed the creature from a distance of about 40 yards. It was very dark but they saw clearly with their headlights. When their headlights hit the bipedal creature, it dropped the rabbit and quickly jumped into the woods in one leap.
  • September 2002  – Possible ongoing activity in a rural community near Chance
    The witness has spotted a large biped twice in a ten year period at the same bridge. His mother and brother also admitted seeing the same biped over the years. Its always been seen in the same area. Dark in color, always seen at dusk. About 9 ft. tall, with very wide shoulders about 4-5 ft. across. It appears to have a large stride as it crossed the road in about 3 steps. They state that the stories go back 30 years or more.
  • December 1996  – Between Salitpa and Jackson, near the historic marker where the dirt road from Mcvay meets HWY 69. witness see a large creature, about 6.5 feet tall and covered with hair, crossed the road in front of him in broad daylight at about 3 PM. The creature crossed the road just below the top of the hill and moved in a sideways fashion. He had the window down in his car and clearly heard a scream unlike any he had heard before.

Another family member come in the radio to talk about Bigfoot

On “The Rick and Bubba Show” a syndicated morning radio program based in Birmingham, Alabama a caller named Gary, confirmed the news stating to be a first cousin of the man in Texas and said even he not saw the creature himself he believed the other family members.

While visiting the family, investigator Mike Brumfield could hear other witness, and he tried to demote them from the idea explaining to the man “That they all have their own personalities and more likely there isn’t just one in the area.

I suggested that they may not take lightly to one of theirs getting shot. The folks living there who had close encounters realized at how much they look like humans, and they really couldn’t kill any of them”.


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