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Top 10 Worst Mothers in Comics

This list, perhaps no surprise, had a little bit more competition. But in the end, we selected both the villainous and the neglectful, as well as some seriously bad mother — shut yo’ mouth!

10. Catwoman:
What, she admitted it.

She wasn’t a terrible mother in that she was abusive or anything, but in that she was a magnet for enemies like Black Mask.

She ended up giving the child up for adoption rather than see it get hurt.

9. Talia Al Ghul:
Like Martha Wayne before her, she’s given her son Damian everything — everything except decent socialization, that is.

Besides the fact that Damian can never really have a normal life, she’s waited hand and foot on this kid, even cloning his organs so they could be replaced in a pinch.

Wait, okay, I guess that sort of eventuality screams “bad mom.”

8. Arrowette’s mother, Bonnie King:
Oy, talk about living through your children. Bonnie basically is a stage mom, a sports mom, and a raging loony all at the same time.

Back in Peter David’s Young Justice series, Bonnie would attend the equivalent of PTA meetings in civilian clothes and a bejeweled domino mask, as she started a food fight with Wonder Girl’s mom. Awkward.

7. Black Canary:
Black Canary goes down the list a bit from Catwoman, even though her plight was similiar. Her adopted daughter Sin was being targeted by the League of Assassins to become their new protege.

Green Arrow then faked Sin’s death — without BC knowing — and absconded with her to a monastery, which then adopted the child. And not only did Black Canary not fight this (or continue her relationship with her now non-daughter), she even married the man for it!

6. Sally Jupiter:
Like Bonnie, only much worse — she never let up. Ragging on her daughter Laurie for her choice in men, her choice in lifestyle, all until she decides to become a costumed hero once more, Sally Jupiter doesn’t realize how nasty she’s become until Julie is seemingly amongst the dead in New York City.

Only when Laurie does return — albeit under a new name — can Sally Jupiter finally stop causing all the stage-mom damage that she spent 28 years doing.

5. Alien Queen: Her family tree includes face-huggers and chest-bursters. ‘Nuff said.

4. Rorschach’s mother, Sylvie Joanna Kovacs: Let’s see — prostitute? Check. Sees her Johns in plain view of her kid? Check. Slaps the kid around when he thinks she’s in trouble? Check. Oh, and she shouts that she should have just had an abortion. Cap it all off with a home life that created such a mentally cracked moralist known as Rorschach, and Ms. Kovacs gets on the list easy.

3. Martha Wayne:
Because she never taught Bruce Wayne coping skills. In retrospect, this might have been a good idea.

Unfortunately, she had to wait till the end of the movie.

What, is this too soon?

2. The Scarlet Witch:
Sort on the same platform as Madelyne Pryor, but boy is she a bunch crazier — and a lot more powerful. She created herself some children from Mephisto’s soul after marrying a machine — already a poster candidate for Social Services — and after these children were dispelled, she later went crazy and (A) destroyed the Avengers, (B) rewrote the world to put Magneto in charge, and (C) depowered 90 percent of mutants worldwide.

On the plus side, Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed — those children reborn — are some awesome characters.

1. Ursa:
She tortured her son, Chris Kent, in the Phantom Zone. Let me repeat that — she TORTURED. Her son.

In the Phantom Zone. Give this woman a prize, because she’s the worst mother in comics!

Source: technewsdaily.com

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