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Top 3: Most dangerous animals in the Amazon! They will surprise you!

Beautiful and little known, the freshwater stingrays are common in the Amazon are among the poisonous animals that cause most accidents in the western region of Para According to the Instituto Butantan, they lead the rankings with jararacas stings and scorpions – dangerous animals already well known in other Brazilian regions.

3. Jararaca

It has 1.5 m is found in wetlands, land, and sometimes even inside the houses.

The sting causes pain and swelling, and bruises and blisters. There may be infection and rotting of the skin at the sting site.

In case of accident, you must wash the affected site with soap and water. The person should be calm, with arms or legs raised. The victim must be taken to an emergency room or hospital to take snake antivenoms.

The best way to avoid accidents is to avoid walking shoes and put his hand in places where the snake can live, such as holes, pastures, rocks or piles of wood. To take away from close to home, you should avoid garbage and rats.

2. Black Scorpio

It can reach 9 cm and has a sting in the tail end.

The sting is painful, but symptoms such as tingling and feeling of shock spread through the body. The heart races and there may be difficulty walking.

If someone is bitten, you should wash the wound with soap and water. You should keep the person quiet and take her to a hospital quickly, to see if there is need to take serum.

To ward off the animal, you should avoid the accumulation of trash or weeds around the house. Also do not put hands or feet in holes, piles of wood or rotten logs.

1. Ray-of-fire

Lives at the bottom of rivers and has a serrated and sharp sting in the tail.

The sting causes a deep cut, bleeding, pain, swelling and infection. There may be rotting skin.

If someone is injured, the ideal is to wash the bite with warm water, to lessen the pain. Must seek a health center to make a dressing and see if you need drugs to reduce pain and inflammation.

To avoid accidents, we must walk carefully in the water, dragging his feet. When getting off the boat, it’s good poke at the bottom of the river with a stick to scare the fish.

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