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Caught on Tape: South Korean ‘married’ a pillow!

South Korean 'married' a pillow!A South Korean ‘married’ with your pillow, which has a drawing of a Japanese anime character drawn on it.

The ‘ceremony’ was covered by a team of local TV.

The girl represented in dakimakura (kind of pillow the size of a person’s body) is Fate Testarossa, the anime Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

The images show the man taking his pillow a pasque park, where they play on the treadmill and the carousel.

Then they go to dinner, always on the laughter of the bystanders.

Finally there is the ceremony.

Pillows of anime characters are a growing trend, especially in Japan, where men’s and boys ‘relationships’ with them.

In Japan, there is an online petition, supported by more than 500 people, asking the government to officially acknowledge the right of people to marry fictional characters.

Source: sagawo.blog.shinobi.jp

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