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Stingray invade rivers in Brazil and hurt fishermen



On the 6th edition of the journal Science Unesp, launched on Friday (5), researchers who plunge into the river Paraná unravel the infestation of rays that used the lake in the Itaipu hydroelectric plant to proliferate and occupy other environments, threatening bathers and fishermen.

When the light went out in much of Brazil on 11 November last year, the fisherman Alfredo Alves Cruz, 32, was about to despair at his home, with my foot throbbing in pain. Earlier he had taken a sting ray was fishing on the banks of the Parana River in Três Lagoas (MS), and at that time was trying, with hot water, ease the suffering.

There is a certain irony in the nature he had crashed on a day of blackout, as the wounded animal that was only because there just 27 years before it was flooded a large area in the State of Paraná to supply the largest hydroelectric dam in the world — Itaipu. The famous Seven Falls Guaira, who swamped in October 1982, historically served as a barrier that prevented the stingrays are common in low and middle Paraná, climbed to the high river.

With the lake created, these fish related to sharks found a new way and rapidly colonized a region that until then know its existence. There are millions of years, stingrays in the Caribbean have adapted to live in the rivers of the Amazon.

From there, the Mato Grosso Pantanal and reached down to the Paraguay-Paraná basin, where they were restricted. Now, the Paraná they have even Island Single, more than 350 km from the starting point of dispersal (Foz do Iguaçu). It also reached the Paranapanema and Tiete rivers.

The relationship between rays and humans has never been very good. The animal is often associated with injuries and coastal fishermen, especially in the north, where these fish live for thousands of years and are quite common – and the population is more than familiar with them. One can imagine what would happen to communities that had never seen the animal before. Was what led Haddad about ten years to start paying attention in cities with river beaches in the Paraná River.

A survey conducted by museum shortly after the sinking of the Seven Falls shown that the rays had risen. Before the formation of the lake, the aquatic fauna of the region of Foz do Iguaçu was 113 fish species, after the flooding, 76 new species appeared on the site, including three stingray. But it was not made any further monitoring to see if they were moving and where.

In the region of Alto Parana has no statistics on the number of accidents, but the perception of the researchers is that they are growing. In fact, when Haddad evaluated the injury Alfredo Cruz, three other fishermen – a small group of five – showed the scars of old stings.



Takanakuy Festival at risk? – Strange Events




250px-Location_of_the_province_Chumbivilcas_in_Cusco.svgDid you ever heard about “Takanakuy”? Did you have wanted the opportunity to straight up your differences with somebody you knew in a fight, enjoin a good food, special dress, dance and booze? Well a lot people call that Saturday night.

Chumbivilcas is a province in the Andes, South Peru, and according to the Peru 2005 Census 77,721 inhabitants, rural communities families with eight and more children are not unusual, one of the poorest regions of the country.

The people in the province are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent.

Takanakuy Festival for beginners

Each December 25th part of the population from Chumbivilcas Province reunite to the Takanakuy “festival”, where participants practice of fighting fellow community members.

Takanakuy Festival at risk - 02The practice started in Santo Tomás, the capital of Chumbivilcas, and has now spread to other villages and cities, the prominent ones being Cuzco and Lima.

The festival consists of dancing and of individuals fighting each other to settle old conflicts or simply to display their manhood.

Those holding the grudges call out their opponents by their first and last name.

Kicking and punching are allowed in the middle of the circle. Biting, hitting those on the ground, or pulling hair is not allowed during the fight, this is a civilized community!

Takanakuy Festival at risk - 01Although the government of Lima has tried to eradicate Takanakuy Festival, the celebration has diffused into urban areas such as Cuzco and Lima.

People of non-indigenous descent are now taking part in this originally indigenous cultural custom, yeah, why not?

Then everybody goes drinking to numb the pain and move on to a new year.

Now serious, tells us, don’t you have a co-worker, neighbor, a church member you have a beef with?

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Polish company to brew beer from a Czech model’s vagina bacteria




Polish company to brew beer from a Czech models vagina bacteriaPolish brewery company launched a crowdfunding for its attempt to brew beer from a Czech model’s vagina bacteria.

There are large number of bizarre ingredients used in the manufacture of craft beers, but use a formula from a vaginal bacteria stands out in the crowd.

Warsaw-based The Order of Yoni — “Yoni” being a Sanskrit word for “vagina” — is seeking to raise about U$170,000 (£118,000 or 150,000 Euros) with an IndieGoGo campaign for Bottled Instinct, a beer brewed using lactic acid bacteria collected from the vagina of Alexandra Brendlova.

The Order of Yoni says the initial run of beers would include sour ales, lambics, flanders ales and sour stouts. Each bottle of beer will be stamped with Brendlova’s name as well as “the date of the collection of her vaginal swab.” Also it will brew six batches of 16,600 beers each, with funds going towards the ‘brewing process, ingredients and bottles’ decorations’.

The money will also cover the ‘model’s reward’ and a budget for the ‘perks’ offered to investors. However, there is no detail provided as to the breakdown of the costs.

The beers do not, however, feature the taste or odor of a vagina, the brewers say.

The company says their future plans include brewing other types of beers using bacteria harvested from other woman, as well as other products incorporating said bacteria including kefirs and yogurts.

Not as strange as vagina bacteria beer

In 2012 an Oregon brewery, developed a drink that led, among the ingredients, beard strands of his brewmaster. The drink was sold, including in other countries.

More informations on “The Order of Yoni” oficial website

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Roswell Spaceship Stoled, 1 Human arrested 2 on the loose




Roswell Spaceship stoled, 1 Human arrested 2 on the looseRoswell Police Department informed on its Facebook page “Be on the lookout: missing spaceship,” the Identify Roswell Spaceship has been stolen from a UFO Museum.

The silver-colored saucer made of fiberglass and stainless steel was stolen about 3:30 a.m. Saturday from behind the International UFO Museum and Research Center on Roswell’s main drag by 3 allegedly human beings.

During the day Roswell police spokesman was proudly announcing that they were able to track down the 17-year-old boy who was one of the three suspects in the theft of the spaceship, because of a phone call.

Surveillance video shows the three males walking toward the spaceship, and two of them lifting it up.

They then walk away and out of the camera’s view with it, put the ship into a pickup truck and drove off. The UFO Museum is located just around the corner from police headquarters.

The allegedly human-teen in custody hasn’t said what the motivation behind for stealing the spaceship or who else was involved.

Roswell Spaceship stoled, 1 Human arrested 2 on the looseThe Identify Flying Saucer had a tough year, a blizzard this past winter knocked the saucer from its usual mount on the corner of the museum building on South Main Street, for over 24 years, as the picture to the right.

It recently had been repaired and was being stored under an awning behind the museum.

Now it was The New Mexico Department of Transportation sent an heart broken picture of the saucer in pieces to museum.

Roswell Police Department  are urging Roswell residents and from the surrounding areas to be on the lookout for the Roswell Spaceship’s thieves

Hopefully the other two suspects are still on Planet Earth and can be bring to justice.

“Only in Roswell.”

Source: Daily Mail

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