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Pope Pius The 10th vision in 1909 of Vatican’s doom

By GS Hiranyappa

The Roman Catholic Church is the most important branch of the Christian superstition. The headquarters of Catholicism is the Vatican in Rome. That is where the Pope, the spiritual head of Catholics, resides. Benedict XVI is the present Pope. The Vatican is one of the seven hills on which Rome is built. The river Tiber flows through the seven hills. Rome is traditionally believed to have been founded in 753 BC. It is also called the Eternal City, or the city which will never die.

A hundred years ago, in 1909, the Pope was Pius X. One day when he was sitting in his Vatican palace, Pius X had a terrifying psychic vision. He had a horrifying view of his own church’s terrible end. Pius X cried out in horror. That was about a hundred years ago. Roman Catholic priests usually pretend that such prognostications are only fabrications. Not surprisingly, the Vatican tried to dismiss any suggestion that its end may be near.

But on October 13, 1978, the Vatican’s publication, the Osservator Della Domenica, carried an article titled ‘Prophecy and Reality.’ Written by a leading member of the Vatican priesthood, the article admitted that the predictions about the destruction of Rome were authentic and needed to be taken seriously. Roman Catholicism’s doom is near. The most widespread prophecy about the destruction of Rome is nearly 900 years-old. In 1139 Christian Era, the Irish seer and saint Malacahy visited Rome. A series of Latin prophecies about the future Popes appeared before his inner-eye. St Malacahy wrote them down and left the manuscript in the Vatican. St Malacahy’s manuscript contained a list of 102 future occupants of the Vatican. When the 102nd pope occupies the Vatican palace, the city of the Seven Hills (Rome) will be destroyed, and the Rome Catholic church will come to an end.

The present Pope, Benedict XVI is 101st Pope in St Malacahy list. Hence, when the next Pope is elected in the coming days a terrible, calamity will overtake both Rome and the Roman Catholic Church. This prophecy cannot be brushed aside.

St Malacahy’s prediction for the 102nd and last Pope is obvious and detailed. But other prophecies in his list of about preceding 101 Popes are only devices in Latin with just two or three words. The forecast for the present Pope Benedict XVI is De Gloria Olive or the Glory of the Olive. The Olive stands figuratively for the Christian faith. Hence it is likely that the present Pope will make a significant contribution to the defense of his religion.

St Malacahy departs from his usual brevity to provide even the name of the last occupant of the Vatican palace in Rome. Here is a translation of the prophecy made in 1139 Christian era: In Extreme Persecution of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Peter of Rome in the Vatican will feed his followers amidst many tribulations; when task is completed, the city of Seven Hills (Rome) will be destroyed, and the great judge will judge the people.

Peter of Rome will be the last Pope to be elected according to St. Malachy’s list. The present Pope is 82-years old, and his pontification is bound to end relatively soon. After that time will start running out for the Catholic Church. This is the unpalatable truth which Catholic apologists try to deny.

The great French seer Nostradamus (1503-1566) who published his world famous forecasts in France in 1555, gives a graphic account of the destruction of Rome in his letter addressed to the French king.

He writes, human blood will flow on streets and in churches like water after a downpour. Another naval war will make the sea itself turn red with blood.

Elsewhere in his prophecies, Nostradamus makes it clear that the destruction of Rome will be a part of a much wider calamity inflicted by a fanatical Muslim invasion of Europe, abetted by the Chinese rulers. Italy, France, England and Spain will witness horrors and massacres on an unimaginable scale by this invading Muslim fanatics.

But the Islamic invasion will finally end in total disaster. Mecca itself will be destroyed in such a way that anyone who enters will get sick and die. In other words, the Muslim holy city will turn into a dangerous ghost city. In Quatrain 27, Century VI, Nostradamus prophecies the complete destruction of Pakistan’s Punjab. It will be transformed into mounds of corps. After all these horrors are ended, Nostradamus declares that the ancient religion will again become worldwide. The only ancient religion still extant is Hinduism.

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