3 Deaths connected to Black Magic Rituals

3-deaths-connected-to-black-magic-ritualsBody of a woman was found buried in a backyard of a house in in Natal, northeast of Brazil.

The Police is investigating whether the suspects killed the Edilma Dantas and also had committed three other murders during a black magic rituals.

The only suspect confessed to death Edilma, known as Joao “Macumbeiro”, whom was denounced cases.

He told the police that he helped one of those involved in this death to hide another body, of a 13 year old girl.

The girl’s body was thrown in a pond in the metropolitan area. The suspect would have killed two other people during rituals. The man known as Bruxo (Warlock, in english), denied.

The body was found  last Tuesday (21) in Bruxo’s backyard. The crime had occurred on April 1st. According to the Police, John made services as a painter in the victim’s home.

They met and the Edilma sought to make spiritual work to attract a married man who she wanted to relate to, but he was not returning calls.

Joao would have called Warlock and him would have convinced the suspect to kill Edilma for a sacrifice. The victim was lured to a house where a third man was also waiting.

Joao Macumbeiro said he, along with two other suspects, drunk Edilma, claiming that it would be necessary for the ritual. When she was dizzy, to lay on a blanket and killed also a goat.

The blood was thrown on it and then the woman was suffocated. Then her body was buried in the backyard.

The family reported the disappearance on April 3. The other suspects were arrested, but they deny the crime.

Police said the version presented by Joao coincides with the evidence found. The investigations continue, including on other deaths.

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