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Nun discovers inherited brothel in Austria

A Scottish nun 55 years, who had been left in an orphanage when he was born, which was found heir to a great fortune and a brothel in Austria, Styria region, according to the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

The religious inherited brothel after the death of his mother, who was 75 years. Known as “Linda K”, the woman was a circus artist who made his fortune with brothels. She had no husband and other children. Therefore, the nun was the only heir.

The woman was found through a search in the trees of the documentation center of Vienna. At first, nobody knew that the woman had offspring, because she had not mentioned.

The mother of the nun led an adventurous life. During a stay in Scotland with the circus to which he belonged, she became pregnant and after birth, left the girl in an orphanage. She never returned to see her daughter.

Nun identified as L. Houston lives near Glasgow. The nun decided to sell the brothel and donate the money for disadvantaged children in India.

Source: G1

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