British Columbia’s Five Most Haunted

If you want adventure British Columbia is definitely the place to be. Its amazing terrain offers everything from golfing, fishing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, heli-hiking, snowboarding, hunting, diving, hang gliding, or beach combing. It doesn’t just stop there.

If its a big city adventure that you are looking for than look no further than Vancouver. There’s said to be an adventure at every door step. For the living or for the spirits that haunt here.

Many ghosts stories have been told back and forth in Canada, but none are so interesting as the ones from British Columbia. The following consists of the top five most haunted in British Columbia.

5) Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster: A Waving Lady
Fraser Cemetery is a place where family members both bury and visit those dearly departed ones. Unfortunately that can make a hot bed of supernatural activity.

Fraser Cemetery is just the place for exactly that. The most common occurrence is the appearance of an apparition that is dressed in Victorian-era clothing walking through the graves.

The unusual thing about this ghost is that she is said to be quite friendly and has been known to give a wave or two to those who are leaving the cemetery. Another less likely, but frequent occurrence is the feeling of being pushed toward certain graves. When being pushed it is said to be a gentle nudge.

Obviously, when those who have been pushed turn around to see who it could be there is no one there.

4) Princess Mary Victoria, Victoria: The Captain’s Wife
Everyone knows that the restaurants here are to die for and the spirits seem to agree. The restaurants in this area are located in heritage buildings which makes them a prime spot for a haunting. The Princess Mary Victoria is one of those restaurants.

This restaurant is actually a former passenger ship. The wife of the former captain is said to haunt the ship. It seems that she committed suicide on the wheelhouse of an oil tanker which is now part of the restaurant.

The staff doesn’t mind her much at all. It seems she likes to dishes and to stack them away nicely. Although she is said to be quite troublesome when she opens the oven door and transfers kitchen utensils from one side of the room to the other.

3) Fleetwood Elementary, Surrey: A Living Cold Spot
This elementary school where children learn and play on a daily basis is one large cold spots. There are so many cold spots in this place that one has been known to lose count.

Doors open and close on their own, unknown entities have been known to touch the living, and orbs have been discovered in the shower room. A school janitor has even claimed to see ghosts down in the boiler room.

Many local residents believe that a former teacher haunts there. In the town itself there has been reported a young boy in white who jumps on the side of the road. Many believe him to be the victim of a fire at the local grocery store awhile back.

2) Beatty Street Drill Hall, Vancouver: Auditory Disturbance
As a homage to the British Columbia regiment, the Beatty Street Drill Hall is designed as a castle. Auditory phenomena is a very frequent occurrence.

Footsteps and voices can be heard in the basement. Books, paintings, and wall hangings have all been know to fall off their shelves or the walls themselves. In the mess hall an officer has been sighted. In Officer’s Row, the renovations have seemed to cause a stirring within the paranormal community of this building.

Staff members have heard footsteps, feel cold spots, or have the sensation of being touched. Phones whether plugged in or not have been known to give out a nice healthy ring.

1) Hycroft Mansion, Vancouver: The Veterans’ Mansion
This is a stately home that was built for a politician and war hero by the name of General Alexander Duncan McRae. General McRae has been reported being seen within the mansion in his World War I officer’s outfit.

There has also been a figure of a lady seen in the house who is believed to be the wife of the said general. In World War II this house was used as a veteran’s hospital. It is no surprise then that identifiable World War I veterans and a head nurse has been seen a number of times.

Sounds of a crying man have also been heard. What has been known to intensify any of these experiences is the appearance of a film crew. X-Files has shot many a show here as well as numerous large budget movies. Paranormal activity is respectful during parties and cannot be seen at these events.

Please remember when visiting any or all of these places, to be respectful of private property. Always ask permission before visiting. Otherwise happy haunting hunting.

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