Archaeologists find ancient burial pits in Amazon

A team of archaeologists found two burial site with pottery vessels in Calçoene a site in northern Amapá, Amazon.

The site has been known since 2006 because of stone circles that were found on the ground.

Now, however, the group led by John Saldanha and Mariana Cabral, the Institute for Scientific and Technological Amapá (Iepa) explored what lay beneath the large rocky plates deposited at the site.

Saldanha said that the wells are about a thousand years and found that the vessels are amazing because they have human forms, such as ceramics found by the famous researcher Emilio Goeldi in the nineteenth century in the region of Cunani.

The people who dug the wells had the habit of stripping and separating the bones of their dead by placing them in separate groups in urns stay in the side chambers to the main hole in the ground.

The circles of large stones on the ground that characterize the site had a religious function.

According to Saldanha, is currently in the region of Oiapoque Indians who have similar burial, but it is unclear whether they were descendants of people who lived in Calçoene.

Source: globoamazonia.com

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