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In the name of Jesus, you get out of my store!

This CCTV image shows Marian Chadwick, who owns a store in Frisco, Texas, ordering the armed robber out of her shop in Frisco, Texas.

Suspect Gabriel Cabello burst into the crafts boutique in January, pointed a gun and demanded money.

But Chadwick simply pointed back and chanted:

“In the name of Jesus, you get out of my store! I bind you by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Chadwick says she stood her ground when a man burst in with a gun Monday evening and demanded money.

When the armed man balked and continued to demand money, Chadwick says she again refused, and told him, “I bind you in the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.” At that, she says he slowly backed off and then left the store.

Chadwick told KDFW FOX4, “It was just like this whole store filled with the power of God.” No one was hurt in the incident, which was witnessed by a customer and recorded on the store’s security camera.

Police believe the would-be bandit may be the same man who has robbed more than 13 other stores this month.

-Sign on store exterior ‘Extravagant Necessities’.
-SURVEILLENCE VIDEO Robber walks into store pointing gun.
-SURVEILLENCE VIDEO Robber at counter pointing gun at owner and shopper.
-SURVEILLENCE VIDEO Robber backs out of store.
-CU Security camera. Security camera.
-Sign ‘Believe’.

3xStrange strongly advises: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Source: truecrimereport.com

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