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Drunk Polish farmer charged with drunk driving horse and lorry simultaneously

Things started to go wrong for 62-year-old Leszek Stepien when his truck broke down. Cunningly, he decided to use his horse to tow the vehicle to the garage for repair, while he steered.

Unfortunately, he had drunk so much he couldn’t steer straight.

The horse-lorry adventure came to an abrupt end when he managed to steer the lorry into the path of an oncoming car, then into a roadside railing, tipping the truck over. Somehow, everybody managed to emerge from the crash unscathed.

Stepien clambered out of the cab and began yelling at the horse: ‘This is all your fault.’

Some reports suggest the situation may have been complicated by the horse attempting to put the moves on an attractive mare.

‘Luckily the horse wasn’t injured, but the owner is facing charges including animal cruelty and drink driving,’ said a police officer.

Source: metro.co.uk

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