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Recent Bigfoot Photos: Mason County, Washington

When the father moved his vehicle to a position providing the best view of the approaching figure, he could see it coming straight toward them from a long distance away. Since it was upright, large and dark in color, he immediately thought it might be a sasquatch.

In the first photo the figure was approximately 150 feet from the witnesses. In the second photo it was approximately 90 feet away. In the next two shots it was roughly 40 feet away. In photo 5 it was a little farther away, as the animal had started to angle away from them.

The two witnesses kept pace with the animal in the truck for about 300 feet before the animal stepped into the road and disappeared into the forest.

The witness said he could see the animal walking in a more upright posture when it was walking directly toward them. When the animal spotted the truck and turned, it adopted a stance like it was trying to lower itself in the brush and yet keep making progress away from them. The witness had the impression that it was trying to conceal itself.

In picture 3 the animal looks at the two men. In order to do so, it twisted its torso and raised its shoulder as it looked at them.

After the creature looked at them, its pace picked up slightly, but it did not run at any time.

When the subject reached the road, it took two steps to traverse it. At the first step, it hit mid road, raised itself out of its stooped posture and turned and looked at the men a second time. At this point, the animal was about 30 feet away from them. Then it disappeared from their view, onto the game trail.

Pictures 1 to 4 were taken while in the truck, moving with the animal. Picture 5, the clearest of the five, was taken when the son got out of the truck and stood still, trying to get the best shot.

– The color of the animal was dark brown or blackish brown.
– The hair was heavy-looking and matted. It looked dirty and “thick” and was 3 to 4 inches in length.
– The hair on the forearm was longer and was moving with the movement of the animal.
– Skin could be seen in the elbow area.
– The witness said the face of the animal looked gorilla-like and only slightly human.
– The skin of the face appeared shiny and it stood apart from the hair-covered areas.
– The forehead was sloping.

In the pictures with the witness standing with the 10 foot pole for measurement, he is in the same spot the creature was in in picture 5. The witness is 6 feet tall and the salal is roughly 4.5 to 5 feet tall in that area. You can only see the witness from chest-height, up. Picture 6 was taken with the same cell phone.

Some background on the witness:

He is a lifelong hunter and logger, having harvested all types of game since childhood. In the past, he has guided commercial hunts for bear.

When asked about whether a bear could possibly account for his sighting he smiled and said, “if anyone in Washington knows more about bears in the field than me, I want to talk to them.” He and his hunting partners have taken over 200 bears. He knows bears inside and out, literally. He is certain that the animal he and his son photographed is not a bear.

The witnesses never felt threatened during the whole of the encounter and they hoped the pictures would have been clearer.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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