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Nine Haitians who had fled to Chile after surviving the tragedy in his country face new nightmare

A group of nine Haitians who survived the earthquake of Haiti, on January 12, and was seeking refuge in Chile was struck by another nightmare when the country was shaken by an earthquake measuring 8.8 last week.

After escaping the quake of magnitude 7 in Haiti, tackles managed to take refuge in Chile with his wife Jeanelia Pierre, and their children Quinchy Stanley, his granddaughter Standerly Nelia and four friends for interference tackles his son Pierre, a Haitian singer living in country South America thanks to the success of his band, Reggaeton Boys.

Without speaking Spanish (Pierre only speak the local language) and, therefore, unable to get a job, the group of Haitians at least managed to settle in Santiago, the capital of a country that offered them organized a peaceful outlook on life.

This all changed at 3:34 (GMT) on Saturday, February 27, when much of the territory was devastated by a powerful earthquake that brought them back to hell and that the closer to death again.

The earthquake of magnitude 8.8 is considered the fifth most powerful in modern history and so far has left more than 723 dead, while in Haiti reached magnitude 7 and left more than 230 thousand deaths.

Source: G1

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