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Mystery ‘Crashed’ Plane Now Declared Optical Illusion?

Lon Strickler who runs the excellent Phantoms and Monsters news service, reports a strange Airplane crash incident in Australia, or maybe not a crash!

Australians authorities have resumed the search for a mystery plane that numerous witnesses claim they saw crash into the bay off Darwin’s northern suburbs.

A woman who was standing on the jetty at Nightcliff initially reported that she saw a small plane, similar to a Cessna, go down near the mangroves in the water about 6pm yesterday, police said.

Emergency authorities conducted both an aerial and a boat search last night, but no trace of the aircraft was found.

Supposedly, this image is an example of what the the witness reported.

Now go to Phantoms and Monsters and read this strange crash and/or ilusion.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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