Man thought huge croc was a cow

Darryl Binns, 58, spotted the croc sunning itself on the causeway at the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve, 70 kilometers east of Darwin, at lunchtime yesterday.

He says he got out of his car to look at a bird on the causeway when he spotted something near a large drainpipe.

“I looked down there thinking, what’s a cow doing laying on the road?

“And then I realized what it was.”

He says he has seen bigger crocs in the Mary River but he did not want to risk getting too close.

“He’s fairly big. I wouldn’t like him hanging off me, I can tell you that much.”

He estimates the croc to be about as long as his car, which was four meters (12 feet) in length.

“What I was really concerned about was when they take off and get that tail flapping,” he said.

“The wife’s car, which I was in at the time, might have had a nice big dint across the side.”

Last week Parks and Wildlife officers trapped a two-meter (6 feet) crocodile at the dam.

Visitors are advised not to walk on the causeway because of the risk posed by crocs.

Source: ABC News

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