780 thousand years old Fossil found in Australia

A group of scientists has discovered a complete fossilized skeleton of a huge eagle that lived on the Nullarbor Plain in southern Australia, with more than 780,000 years.

The fossil may have more than 780,000 years old, but may even have a million years or more, said Gavin Prideaux, a paleontologist at the University of Flinders.

The remains appear to be an eagle Aquila audax species, a large bird native to Australia, with more than two meters wide, or a closely related species.

The fossils were found in a cave during excavations being carried out by scientists from Flinders University and the Western Australian Museum.

The cave is known as Leaena’s Breath about 100 kilometres north-west of Eucla in Western Australia, just over the South Australian border.

Source: ABC

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