More Polish pyramids discovered with lasers scans

More Polish pyramids discovered with lasersOver a dozen new megalithic structures have been discovered by archaeologists, this structures are so-called Kujawy tombs, but because of their elongated triangle shape are common know as the “Polish pyramids”.

Different from the well know Egiptanense, Central Americans and Asians similar structures, this Polish pyramids discovered by Department of Archaeology, University of Szczecin, has only 9 foot (3 meter) height, with width of the base ranged from 18′ (6 meters) to 45′ (15 meters) and a length reaching to 450′ or 150 meters and surrounded by huge stone blocks.

More Polish pyramids discovered with lasers 01This megalithic monuments are close to structures as British Stonehenge, Denmark’s Troldkirken, France’s “Roland’s Tomb” and Germany’s Dohnsen-Siddernhausen Dolmen, among other, having escaped destruction by beeing far from large population, “hidden” in forests areas

Believe to be from the from the 5 thousand to 3 thousand BC this ground structures were, in majority, single burials, tombs associated with the elders of the tribe and clan.

“For our analyses we used the project ISOK (National Protection Computer System against extraordinary threats)” – explained Dr. Agnieszka Matuszewska. – “Thanks to the database we have created and systematically update, it was possible to select places for testing that method” – she added.

Analyses were made possible by the fact that one of the elements ISOK is the Geographic Information System (GIS) for entering, storing, processing and visualization of geographic data.

Polish PyramidsDiscoveries were made using Digital Terrain Models (DTM), three-dimensional mapping of the area prepared on the basis of Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS).

The most famous “Polish pyramids” can be seen in Sarnów and Wietrzychowice, where their former shape has been reconstructed following archaeological research.

A foto simulation at the right shows how the ancient Europeans build their Polish Pyramids.

Watch the video about the new Polish Pyramids

Photos and Credits to Science and Scholarship in Poland

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