Heavy rain reveals Pirates ancient boat on a sandy beach of Brazil

Residents of the traditional community caiçara of Castilians, located east of Ilhabela, had a big surprise after the heavy rain that occurred on Easter Sunday (24 / 4) with the storm, the waters of the stream that flows into Corner Pond led a layer of sand, delving into more than one meter stretch of the beach and stay making apparent the ruins of a boat very similar to the structure of an ancient ship.

According to the oldest inhabitants of the archipelago, this boat has been seen at different times, but the fact was forgotten. The apparent structure of the ship is in good condition, but still is not known whether all or what you see is only part of it.

A brand is part of the wood fire, but can not be said to be a failure due to perforation of the cannonball, since there are indications that local residents or visitors may have made a bonfire on top of the structure in another appearance. Another feature are the major planks of pine riga, a very durable wood, commonly used in building ships, galleons and caravels.

Ilhabela is well known for tales of pirates and the Bay of Castilians became famous for having been marked as a refuge for pirates and strategic point of slave ships still trading in slaves even after the abolition. There is still no evidence that the ship has been found actually used by pirates since several vessels at different periods of history, carrying slaves, consumer goods, building materials, wood and export items such as sugar and coffee.

Source: onoticiado.com.br

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