Russia has launched a “flying saucer” project!

Russia has launched a program to build a powerful, multi-purpose airship that will certainly cause many people on the ground to take notice.

The “Locomoskayner” airship takes to the air with nothing more than helium, but will also have special outfitted hot air cells to regulate its buoyancy, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

The “Loсomosky” company gives new possibilities for transportation of cargoes and passengers, communications, monitoring, geological prospecting and other directions of life-sustaining activity with a use of aerostatic technology.

The company projects, builds and maintains multi-purpose dirigibles and aerostatic balloons. The designers and planners of the “Locomosky” company create the flying vehicles, which in many cases are second to none in the world. Special attention is paid to the simplicity of operation and absolute safety of flights and air transportation.

Propulsion of the craft is provided by several electric motors, and small wings on the periphery of its disc-shaped hull give the vehicle extra lift in flight.

The aircrafts unusual shape, which strikingly resembles an unidentified flying object (UFO) also gives it extra stability, and ability to resist wind currents to hover for extended periods above targets on the ground.

Varying models of the Locomoskayners are expected to be used for the transportation of people and cargo, as well as surveillance and monitoring. The largest version in the works will be able to airlift 600 tons.

The five-year project is based in the city of Ulyanovsk, some 900 km east from Moscow. The project’s developer, LocomoSky, plans to generate $90 million worth of investment.

Source: rt.com and Loсomosky

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