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Stan Romanek photographs UFO while flying to UFO Congress

February 24, 2010 at approximately 10:30 a.m. Stan Romanek, along with his wife and friend, where flying from Denver Colorado to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the UFO ongress Convention in Laughlin, Nevada.

Flying south west the plain was over Breckinridge, Colorado when Stan was taking pictures out of the airplane window of the landscape below. Suddenly, Stan noticed something metallic and reflective fly past.

Assuming it was another airplane, he ignored it and continued taking pictures. Later, when the pictures where uploaded to the computer, everyone noticed the UFO!

Note: Stan Romanek is an alleged UFO contactee who has appeared on Larry King Live and was interviewed as part of an episode of Primetime: The Outsiders.

In their coverage of Romanek, ABC News concluded that alien abductions can often be explained by a mix of flawed human memories, a vivid imagination, a condition known as sleep paralysis, and problems with hypnotic regression and the therapists who perform it on alleged abductees.

Source: Stan Romanek’s website, Paranormal Daily News and Wikipedia

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