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Here’s your sign: Russian Roulette Goes Bad!

A guest of a wedding was arrested after a man was seriously injured after giving itself a shot in the head while playing Russian roulette in the Russian city of Astrakhan, local media reported.

The accident occurred during a toast to the newlyweds. The accused pretended he was doing Russian roulette and gave a “false fire” against his own head.

Then he asked if anyone else wanted to “play”. But when he borrowed the gun to another guest, the accident occurred. The guest fired a rubber bullet in his own skull.

The home video of the incident was published on the Internet. The accused can be seen standing in shock after the shooting. The guests and the couple panicked.

The victim, whose name was not released, had the bullet removed from the skull, but followed in a very serious condition, medics said. He had brain damage and paralysis.

The accused of “bad joke”, a Chechen of 33, was arrested. He said he wanted only “a joke” and insisted that he believed he had taken the bullets from the barrel before the party.


Source: buzzfeed.com

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