New 2-Heads Snake found in Brazil

The construction of a hydroelectric plant in the southwest of Goiás, Brazil, brought to the surface a new species of 2-heads snake. These reptiles, which spend most of his life under the earth, are still relatively mysterious to biologists, and their diversity is still poorly understood – so that many other species may still be waiting to be discovered.

The creature has earned the name of Leposternon cerradensis because, as yet, the first member of its genus, the Leposternon to be found only in the Cerrado (vegetation type). The researchers do not yet have precise data on the depths it inhabits, diet (probably composed of small insects also underground, like ants, termites and larvae) or even geographical distribution.

The new species has a particular conformation of the head to make it function as a shovel, digging in the ground below the road. The main differences of man in relation to their close relatives are in details like the scales of the head, called the pre-sewer pores and the number of half-rings and rings dorsal and ventral caudal to recover the body.

The pores, as the name says, are near the sewer (opening that, in reptiles, is for all physiological functions, such as expelling urine and feces and copulate).

The pink color of the leaf does not mean that he is albino, she explains. The Leposternon cerradensis shares with the other species in the absence of pores nigrescence, and these species are present mainly in open areas, the staining may be related to the soil used or even a certain environment

Source: G1

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