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Terrified kitten stuck 70ft up a tree saved from angry crows

It is a reversal of the natural pecking order. Normally, cats harass birds or catch them or even kill them.

But not here and not with Holly who grabs on to a branch for dear life as 70ft up crows swoop menacingly around her.

The birds peck at the animal, flap their wings at the seven-month-old kitten and even manage to shake the branches as they try to knock her off.

However, she was finally rescued at Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, by a fire crew who had a ladder long enough to reach the frightened creature.

Before they arrived Holly had had to endure repeated attacks from the birds without food or water in the 25C (77F) heat.

Her owners Lisa Govier and Jason Thompson had failed to coax her down and some workmen nearby with a cherry picker had found it was not tall enough.

Mr Thompson said Holly had shot up the tree on Monday, giving Miss Govier a sleepless night, and the birds had begun their assault yesterday before the firefighters arrived.

He said: ‘The crows arrived and they were taunting her, pecking at her, and she looked very distressed.

‘She wasn’t meowing anymore and we were all really concerned. All the neighbours came out because they could hear all the commotion with the crows.

‘We tried all sorts of things to scare the crows off but that didn’t seem to be working.’

Mr Thompson added: ‘The workmen were very kind for trying to help out but thankfully in the end the fire service did come to the rescue.’
Source: Daily Mail

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