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Military jet is nearly engulfed in ‘ball’ of birds just feet from runway

A U.S. military plane passes close to a flock of birds as it approached the runway from the airport of Fort Smith, Arkansas (USA). Despite the scene’s “threatening”, the pilot of E-6B landed safely, according to British newspaper the Daily Mail.

Collisions between birds and planes can cause catastrophic engine failure.

In the last 20 years, 200 people have been killed as a direct result of aircraft bird strikes.

Photographer Kaia Larsen managed to capture the dramatic images as she was driving past the airport.

Ms Larsen said: ‘As I got closer they all started to fly towards the plane like a big ball.

Last year a U.S. Airways Airbus struck a flock of birds just 10 minutes after takeoff, causing both engines to fail.

The cool-headed pilot famously carried out an emergency landing on the Hudson River saving all 150 passengers on board.

Source: Daily Mail

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