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Carpet snake caught swallowing possum

A loud thump on the roof and then a squishy fall to the ground below was the only indication that disaster was looming.

Natalie Calleja said she felt for the “poor little possum” as the 3.5m carpet python crushed it to death.

“You could hear the little possum’s bones cracking while the snake was crushing it to death,” she said.

“It was pretty amazing – I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Ms Calleja, 31, of Larrakeyah, said she was joined by three girlfriends for a dinner party when they moved outside to enjoy the night.

It was a Saturday night, around 8.30pm, when the business manager said the snake must have launched from the tree and caught the possum – the size of a small dog – on the roof before the pair fell to the ground.

“The snake squeezed it to death and then ate it,” she said.

“(The girls) were blown away by it all – they couldn’t believe it was happening.”

After the snake unhinged its jaw and engorged the possum, the sated snake lay on the ground without moving.

“It was just sitting there watching us as we were watching it,” she said.

“We called the snake catcher, he came around and took it.”

Source: Adelaide Now

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