Do You Know who are the main Mayan gods?

He was the god of the heavens, day and night, helping humanity with its healing powers. For the Maya, he was the inventor of writing, the calendar and the creator of religious rituals. Despite their status, their representation is not very impressive: a toothless old man’s crooked nose!

Wife Itzamna, Ixchel was a goddess of great power elderly. Goddess of childbirth, pregnancy and fertility, Ixchel was the protector of weavers and could predict the future. But she also had a dark side. With snakes instead of hair, the goddess showed their dissatisfaction shaking snakes

The god of fire and sacrifice. According to the Mayan creation myth, the first era of mankind came to an end under a lot of fire and water. At the beginning of the second era, the ancestors of humans in Tohil the first time in a place called? The seven caves?.

It was the rain god, represented by a warrior whose tears fall on earth. The rains helped the crops and Chac became the god of agriculture. He was worshiped as four different entities? each one represents one of the cardinal points.

He was the god of the heavens and supported the heavens. Despite the important function Pauahtun had a reputation for drunk and unstable on the winds and the thunder. He was pictured with a shell or shell of a turtle. For the Maya, the sky had clamshell!

One of the gods of the sun, took different forms. By day, it was a bird of fire. At night, walked the dead in the underworld, Xibalba, as a jaguar, cat feared and yet admired by the Maya. Kinich-Ahau was one of the rulers of Xibalba

With its exposed bone, the god of death was unmistakable. According to the Popol Vuh, the sacred writings of the Maya, their symbols were also typical: a skull and the head of a corpse. Ah Puch was around the homes of patients to capture their souls.

Vucub Caquix
It was a monstrous bird and one of the demon-gods of Xibalba. Arrogant, considered himself the sun, the moon and light. Competed with the gods? Good? place of the main leader of the pantheon. Vucub was defeated by the hero twins because of their behavior.

HUN Hunahpu
He was born as a human, but thanks to the interaction with the gods, has become a deity. He and his brother, Vucub Hunahpu were challenged to a game of ball in the dead. Once they arrived they were killed. Revenge was on account of his twin sons, and Hunahpu Xbalanque

They were human beings and gods became associated with artistic activities. Older children of Hun Hunahpu, were artists and depended on the children, the twins, to hunt. The youngest did not like and ended up tying them in a magic tree. There, they became monkeys to power down.

Hunahpu and Xbalanque
The Heroes twins with human origin and have become gods after. With the death of his father, went to the underworld for? Game back?. After the match, cut into pieces and formed again. The gods wanted to do the same. The twins broke us, but not mounted them back.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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