1889 Alien Abduction

Arizona lawmen chased a crippled UFO clear into Mexico before the aliens aboard abducted a member of the posse 120 years ago!

So said eyewitness Jorge Hernandez, who told the amazing story to a Catholic priest before he died in 1971 at the age of 107.

“I’m not sure what to make of the story but I do believe Mr. Hernandez was telling me the truth,” the priest, Father Joel de Mola, told a television interviewer in Narcozari de Garcia, Mexico. “The old man was on his deathbed when he related it to me. He was convinced that the spaceship came here from Heaven. He had no other explanation.”

According to the priest, Hernandez said he joined the posse after a rancher found the UFO at a landing site near what is now Nogales, Ariz., on July 17, 1889.

The rancher sent his son to the nearest settlement for help. A U.S. Marshal hastily assembled a posse of 12, which included Hernandez. Arriving at the ranch, they watched in shock and disbelief as the silver, saucer-shaped craft lifted straight up off the ground and flew a mile or so at rooftop level before it landed again.

“Mr. Hernandez told me the posse began to chase the UFO, but each time they got close, it flew a short distance before landing again,” said the priest.

“He said the spaceship continued to fly ahead of them in spurts. And eventually, the chase led them into Mexico. Once there, Mr. Hernandez waited until dark and approached the UFO alone.

“When he got within 50 feet, a tiny man in a silver jumpsuit emerged from the crash. Feeling threatened, Mr. Hernandez drew his revolver and fired several rounds into the air.

“He hardly knew how to describe what happened next. But from what I gathered, the tiny man from the spaceship apparently flickered like a candle flame and disappeared.

“Mr. Hernandez said he mentioned the incident to another member of the posse, a U.S. Marshal who went by the name of Morton. The next morning, Morton rode his horse to the same spot alone – and never came back.

“Mr. Hernandez said it was as if he had disappeared off the face of the Earth.”

Morton disappeared, added the priest, at the same time the spaceship rose 200 feet into the air and took off over the horizon, never to be seen again.

“Mr. Hernandez didn’t know what to make of it, but it would certainly seem that Marshal Morton was abducted by aliens,” said Father de Mola.

“Of course, I wasn’t there. I can only tell you what Mr. Hernandez recalled and told me.”

Source: Weekly World News

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