He’s Back! Nixon Haunts Presidential Library–and the Author!

Jeffrey Vallance has been a presence in OC Weekly and LA Weekly as an artist, writer and curator. But the presence Vallance explores in a new magazine article is the ghost of Orange County’s favorite disgraced son, who apparently haunts the Yorba Linda joint honoring him.

Writing in the January issue of the British weirdo mag Fortean Times, Vallance begins by recounting an account he wrote in 1994–the same year the 37th president of the U.S. died–that first exposed the world (nether and otherwise) of the haunting of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, which the National Archives has since renamed the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

Vallance told of a “poltergeist-like phenomena” in the Nixon Birthplace house, at Dick’s gravesite and within the controversial Watergate display. Those would be enough to spook any red-blooded member of the Silent Majority. But it’s particularly spine-chilling to Vallance, who discovered through psychic medium and The Haunting of the Presidents author Dorothy Maksym that he was the original witness of a mysterious green mist hovering over the grave and that Nixon’s spirit is working through–gulp!–him.

That, Vallance writes, “”came as quite a disturbing surprise!”

You think?

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