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Ghostly image of a young boy, Smells Like Hoax Spirit

After past “ghostly girls pictures” now we have this one from Dayly Mail, not much information about camera or the picture looks cropped. But, what’d you think?

The ghostly image of a young boy was captured on camera as builders demolished an old school building.

John Fores, 47, insists the spectral figure was not present when he took the picture of the part-demolished brick building.

But when he looked back at the images he spotted the boy, aged around eight with short hair and wearing a dark top, standing on the right of the picture looking into the camera.

Mr Fores was carrying out demolition work on the site at Anlaby Primary School, near Hull, East Yorkshire. He took several pictures on his mobile phone to record the demolition work.

He said: ‘I took the pictures just after noon. I took a few and at the time didn’t notice anything.

‘When I put the pictures on the computer and I saw the figure, the hairs on the back of my neck stuck up.

‘I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I didn’t believe in ghosts, but since I got this picture I am not so sure.’

The image of the young boy is exceptionally clear, but the builder insists he has not altered the picture in any way.

The school, which is still in use, was built in 1936.

Caretaker Gordon Bradshaw, 54, said it has a reputation for being haunted.
He said: ‘I’ve been here 29 years and the kids have always said there is a ghost at the school. I’ve never seen anything though.’

Rob Taylor, of the Hull Paranormal Ghost Society, said: ‘I have never seen anything as clear and as distinctive as the boy in the picture.

‘I am aware of people using mobile phones and getting orbs and misty images. It needs further investigating.’

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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