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Valentine’s Day let-down after mid-match marriage proposal

It was supposed to be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for two New York Rangers ice hockey fans.

The man chose the match at Madison Square Gardens, New York, to propose to his girlfriend live on the stadium’s big screen.

But his proposal was clearly the last thing on her mind, as she shook her head in disgust and stormed out of the ground.

In the middle of the second period of the match against the Tampa Bay Lightning last night, the fan – known as Nick – pointed his girlfriend towards the big screen, which said ‘Melissa, will you be my Blueshirt Bride?’

His girlfriend puts her hand to her mouth in shock, but after thinking about the offer for a few seconds she looks distinctly unimpressed, gathers her belongings and makes for the exit.

Fans of the Rangers, known as Blueshirts, then booed her as she left the stadium.
It is unclear whether the proposal was genuine, although ice hockey fans are speculating the pair may well have been actors.

Source: Daily Mail

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