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Top 10 Best Mothers in Comics

10. Animal Man’s wife, Ellen Baker: She kept her family in one piece while her husband was considered MIA for a year, following the events of Infinite Crisis. And yet she still stayed strong, and kept her two kids hopeful during all that time. That automatically puts her on the list.

9. Queen Hippolyta: Warrior queen, yet tender mother. She was Wonder Woman’s confidante and best friend — even if at first she did not approve of her daughter’s compassion for Man’s World. Yet Hippolyta has always served her daughter, first and foremost, stemming from the love that turned a hunk of clay into Themiscrya’s first daughter.

8. Linda Park West: She dropped a career as a successful journalist to basically pioneer a new field of medical science — all in the name of her kids! Linda Park has her hands full with two Speed-Force-imbued children, but she always handles them — and her hyperactive husband, Wally West — with care. Give that woman a prize!

7. Sarah Connor: In retrospect, go Connor go! Now that Judgment Day has actually taken place, all that training the slightly off-kilter Sarah Connor instilled in her son John may be the only thing that saves his life in a world where machines have run rampant. (Editor’s note: She’s also my all-time favorite heroine.)

6. Invincible’s mother, Debbie Grayson: How this woman isn’t a sobbing mess, I’ll never know. The mother of Mark Grayson — aka Invincible — she survived heartbreak when she learned her husband Omni-Man was in fact an agent of the Viltrumites, sent to take over the planet. Yet she has not only instilled Mark with a bedrock moral foundation, but has also begun raising his half-brother, Oliver, as he ages quickly due to his alien heritage. A trooper if I ever saw one.

5. Blue Beetle’s mother, Bianca Reyes: Easily my favorite mother in comics, who handles her superpowered son with both humor and morality. Bianca Reyes has even teamed up with her son on one occasion, when a fight broke out in the El Paso hospital where she works. Never one to let her son’s “extracurriculars” get the better of her, she even chewed out Guy Gardner for creating a giant green fist in their backyard. You get ’em, Mrs. Reyes!

4. Invisible Woman: Talk about a cool mom. She’s the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four, and her powers act as a built-in security system for her children Franklin and Valeria. Why go to Disneyland when you can time-travel to the first World’s Fair? Invisible Woman Sue Storm can not only make that happen, but keep your kids safe as well! Is it any wonder she’s on the list for the Best Mothers in Comics?

3. Aunt May: The rock of Spider-Man’s life, the one who reminds him of Uncle Ben’s message — with great power comes great responsibility. Every time Peter runs out of cash or gets his wife stolen by Mephisto, Aunt May welcomes him home with open arms (even if she thinks he, like Danny Glover, is getting too old for this… stuff). Of course, she’s shacking up with J. Jonah Jameson’s dad now, which bumps her down the list a bit. What, it’s awkward!

2. Lara Lor-Van: She made the ultimate sacrifice — to send her son in a space capsule to make a new life for himself outside of the doomed Krypton. She even gave her infant a copy of Kryptonian history (at least in Superman: Birthright, my preferred Superman origin). Always an unsung heroine, Lara Lor-Van’s leap of faith meant the salvation of a universe. So it’s not too much to at least give her some flowers and chocolate, OK?

1. Martha Kent: Patron saint of all comic book mothers, she instilled in Clark Kent an unwavering sense of truth, justice, and the American Way. If it wasn’t for her, we’d probably be living on a cinder right now.

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