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Serial ‘disengager’ walks with 58G rock after say ‘Yes’

Rena Hope Friedman, 41, said “yes” when Roger Adler, 42, asked for her hand in marriage. She said “yes” when he placed a $58,000 diamond and platinum engagement ring on her finger.

But when the engagement ended just 12 days later and Adler asked for his ring back, the answer was a resounding “no.”

Now Adler is suing his former flame in Manhattan Supreme Court, alleging that Friedman is an ice queen who runs a cottage industry of accepting marriage proposals — and the hefty jewels that accompany them — then breaking off the affairs and keeping the rocks.

He claims his ex-future wife was “previously engaged to an other male . . . the engage ment ended under similar circum stances . . . [she] failed to return the engagement ring in the previous matter,” according to court papers.

When he slipped a radiant-cut, 4-carat diamond ring with diamond side stones set in a platinum band onto her hand, Friedman accepted.
But the very next day, Friedman managed to convince the appraiser, who valued the ring at $70,000, to put her name on the appraisal in preparation for selling the ring in her name, he said.

She told him she was 30 but turned out to be 41, said Adler. He couldn’t ever figure out what she did for a living, though she claimed to sell high-end cosmetics. Also, she said she was moving to Ohio to be with her betrothed but never hired movers.

Plus, he said, she began making pricey demands, including that he buy a new BMW and book first-class tickets to Australia for their honeymoon.

Source: New York Post

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