Strange lights are seen before and after the blackout in Brazil: Update

Brazil on Wednesday sought to uncover the cause of a massive and mysterious blackout overnight. An estimated 50 million people – more than a quarter of Brazil’s 190-million-strong population – were affected at least ten states.

The huge Itaipu hydroelectric informed in its official Twiter, that the power returned at 6am, local time, and hasn’t register of any malfunction in the facility, said the blackout did not start at the hydro-electric complex.

He said that the cause of the failure had not been determined. It said the most likely cause was a failure at one or more points in the transmission system caused by a strong storms uprooted trees near to Paraná e Sao Paulo just before it went off-line.

While watching a soccer game thou website Justin.tv users comment in the chat section been seeing strange bright lights in the sky of Parana, around 20 minutes before the blackout.

This chat bellow was translated and edited, deleting sentences refering to the game (Vasco x Atletico).

Parana State5:24 Alejunior:
Looks like an airplane with a drunk driver
» kkkk
2:24 Atleticoatemorrer:
I can see here
» it is to bright to be airplane
» in this storm he is gonna crash flying like this
5:25 1665884
it blinks orange and blue
5:25 BrunoPR
I’m a pilot this is not a airplane or helicopter
» neither a balloon
» it is too bright and bigger
» the color are totally different
5:26 Alejunior:
The ET is back!
» kkkk
5:29 rafa87:
I don’t care more for this game
» This lights are better
» if it is airplane it will gonna crash
» I bet in Et is drinking cachaca
5:35 Atleticoatemorrer:
Damn my camera don’t have battery
5:37 Luisantoniobh:
record it with the cellphone dumb***
5:39 Aricarac:
this hicks don’t know what is a cellphone
5:39 Luisantoniobh:
put on the youtube!
5:45 lobobobo:
» is this still happening?
» what city is this?
5:46 Alejunior:
» the drunken pilot is still flying low
» kkkk
» this shit is gonna land in the power lines
5:48 Luisantoniobh:
is anybody recording?
5:50» BrunoPR:
» Soon it finish I’ll edit and upload there

Thirty minute after this chat the the power went off-line in 10 states in Brazil and part of Paraguay. Parana is one of the states of Brazil, located in the South of the country, bordered on the north by São Paulo state. It is exactly next to the affected areas, in Brazil and Paraguay.

We are seeking for more informations

Updated from: Strange lights are seen before and after the blackout in Brazil

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