“I Touched A Crop-Circle-Making UFO,” Says Investigator

From Barbury Castle, UK, where two crop circle investigators earlier this summer got kicked out of a cornfield. But then they touched a mysterious craft near the circles. And got it on film!

Over at Earthfiles, Linda Moulton reports that investigators Paul Jones and Andrew Pyrka were checking out a bird-shaped crop circle in June. When an angry farmer kicked them out of his fields, they started to drive away. But then they saw this shiny, orb-like thing floating in a nearby field. Could it have been the author of the crop circle they’d just been investigating? Jones wanted to find out, so he started filming it.

It looks sort of like a mini-helicopter, but matched reports they’d heard from locals about “orbs” that seemed to hang around areas where circles had been laid down. When the shiny thing continued to float in the field, Jones sent Pyrka out to pursue it. But when Pyrka got to the orb he couldn’t see it anymore. Was it just a trick of the light. Staying in cell phone contact with Pyrka, Jones was able to guide him until he was standing precisely under the glowy thing Jones was filming.

Moulton writes:

Andrew Pyrka was very confused. He was looking all around him, but could not see anything in the sky in any direction! So, Paul began trying to guide Andrew by phone closer and closer to the silver craft above him. At one point, Paul yells in the phone, “Andrew, you’re so close, put your arm up and see if you can feel anything.”

Andrew Pyrka lifted his left arm straight up toward the sky. “Instantly, when I put my arm up, there was a huge jolt of electrical current that went down my raised arm. I don’t think I touched anything solid,” he told me, “but I definitely interacted with some kind of strong field the UFO must have been giving off. But why couldn’t I see it where I was, while Paul could not only see it, he videotaped it for another fifteen minutes?”

Source: io9 and Earthfiles

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