Awesome Acts of Nature (That Science Can’t Explain) #6. Star Jelly

#6. Star Jelly

It is no surprise that shit falls from the sky during a meteor shower (that’s pretty much 90 percent of the definition). But sometimes what rockets to the Earth is not what you would expect. Rather than a big hunk of stone or metal, sometimes people find what looks like a jellyfish that splattered down from outer space.

There have been reports for over a century of people finding what the Germans call sternenrotz (which literally means “star snot”) in conjunction with meteors falling from the sky. It’s usually clear or yellowish, smells awful and disintegrates after being handled, much like one of our erections. Despite being described thoroughly in numerous newspaper and police accounts for over 150 years, no one has ever really been able to study it in depth because the substance falls apart too quickly to allow for a sample to be obtained.

Case in point: in 1950, four Philadelphia police men found a six-foot lump of star jelly outside of town. When they tried to pick it up, it dissolved into “odorless, sticky scum.” No doubt they all took a shower afterward and couldn’t look each other in the eye ever again.

Source: Cracked

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