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Armored car door opens, and the american city has a ‘money rain’

The population of the small town of Whitehall, in the U.S. state of Ohio, in the northeast, was caught on Thursday (25) for a true money shower, after a fall from a stock-car strong with about U.S. $ 90 thousand.

The stock opened the cash from the vehicle when the back door opened by itself. The wind scattered the notes in the street as a crowd rushed to get the money and fill the cakes, revealed the release of Whitehall, a suburb of Columbus.

“Literally, people abandoned their vehicles. It looked like a piranha attack. It was really fun,” said a witness to the news channel NBC4.

Now the police are behind the “looters”. The Garda, the company that owns the armored car, offered a reward of U.S. $ 45.2 mil for anyone who gives information leading to finding out who took the money.

Source: nbc4i

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