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Man wakes up to find strangers sleeping on his side

The American Frank Fontana agreed on last Wednesday (17) and felt someone stroking his leg.

At first he thought it was a woman who has the keys to his home in Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania (USA), but when he asked if she was a male voice answered, “No, not” according to TV station “WPXI.

Fontana said he jumped out of bed in panic, getting to break the wooden floor. After catching a baseball bat, he sent the suspect lying on the floor.

Then, Fontana called the emergency services of the police.

Police identified the attacker as Michael Kamau, 33. He had gone on Tuesday evening to a concert by rapper Jay-Z.

According to authorities, Kamau decided to invade the house of Fontana, because I was cold and sleep.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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