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Elvis Presley Haunted House Up For Sale… Again!

For the third time this year, the house with the Elvis Presley ghost is up for sale.

No, it’s not the big house in Graceland. Plus it’s not any one house.

A couple of con artists have been caught after selling at least twenty other versions of the “House Haunted By Elvis Presley’ all through the South.

Apparently Jacob and Joy Mathers of Alabama decided to sell their own house back in 1992 but had no buyers. Since Jacob earned his money by doing Elvis imitations all over the US and in other countries, Joy had the idea of listing the $200,000 house for $250,000 with the ad also saying, “Haunted by Elvis Presley”.

It sold in three weeks.

Then, sure enough, “Elvis” appeared at odd times. Half of a banana sandwich would be found, etc.

This worked so well for the Mathers that they have since sold at least a dozen or so houses “haunted by Elvis Presley” over the past 18 years.

“They kept a chart and every so often, “Elvis” would make an appearance”, stated Sheriff Lonnie Bratcher of Jasper, Georgia.

After their arrest for fraud, it was revealed that some ghost hunters were the ruin of the Elvis couple. After hearing about a house haunted by Elvis Presley, they began to find half a dozen more.

“These people were swindled and lied to, but you know what, only three would prosecute the Mathers. The rest all still believe that Elvis really does haunt their house!”

Source: thespoof.com

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