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Hoax A Crypto Video: Go To Jail

From Cryptomundo

Tired of all those cryptozoology hoax videos on Youtube, Google, Yahoo, and other sites?

There is a breaking story out of New York State that may give some serious pause to the people who think its funny to produce faked footage of Mystery Cats and more.

Trenton Barry, 27, of Newark/Arcadia, New York has been charged with third-degree falsely reporting a cryptid cat incident by New York Department of Environmental Conservation officers. Barry is scheduled to appear Wednesday, August 26, 2009, in Arcadia Town Court, and if found guilty, he’ll be fined up to $1,000 and could go to jail for a year.

In July 2009, Barry told officials and the media that he was watering the garden at his parents’ Filkins Road home when he saw a cat-like creature that looked to be about the size of a German shepherd dog.

“When I saw the animal the first time, my heart was pounding and I was really scared,” he said in an interview after the alleged sighting.

On the same day, Barry told how the cryptid cat returned and he captured images of it on his cell phone’s video recorder. DEC officials interviewed him — then 2007 video by a Wolcott resident that matched the footage surfaced — and Barry soon recanted his story. Barry admitted he found the supposed cougar video on the Internet and had sent it to his friends, having no idea the message would become widespread.

“An investigation (in 2007) by the DEC showed that the animal in the video was only 14 inches in height and definitely not a cougar,” said Linda Vera, spokesperson for New York DEC’s Region 8.

“This is the most extravagant hoax related to cougars that I have ever seen,” said Lt. David Baker, law enforcement supervisor for the State of New York Department of Environmental Conservation, regarding the Trenton Barry video.

Interestingly, the measurement 14 inches came up earlier in March 2009 also, when regional DEC officials said the above photo was merely a 14 inches tall domestic cat, not a cougar.

“People don’t realize just how big a mountain lion is. It is big enough to pull down a deer. This one was capable of pulling down a squirrel.”
– Lt. David Baker, Department of Environmental Conservation.

Source: Cryptomundo

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