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Urban Legend: The vacant homes basement

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the simple definition of Urban Legend is “a story about an unusual event or occurrence that many people believe is true but that is not true”

But in reality, most of the Urban Legends come from a single event that traumatizes the minds and the imaginary of most human beings.

Not long ago I read this Urban Legend in Reddit

Urban Legend: The vacant homes basement

I work for a property securing company. We send contractors to vacant homes to change the locks and do winterizations. The other day, one of my contractors was doing an initial secure and routine inspection on a home. He’d been in the house for about an hour and headed to the basement for the required photo. It was very dark down there but he trusted his camera flash to get a decent picture.

He stayed on the stairs and took a photo before entering the basement to check for trip hazards or giant spiders. When he looked at his camera, this is what he saw.

He left after that.
Urban Legend The vacant homes basement

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(Post originally from r/creepy on Reddit)

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