Strange Cloud Hole now in Mexico

An unusual cloud formation that some are suggesting might be a UFO wormhole was filmed in Mexico earlier this month and uploaded onto the Internet. Almost nothing is known about this remarkable footage (below) other than the approximate date and the fact that it was filmed in Mexico. The witness who filmed the footage has chosen to remain anonymous. The UFO researcher who discovered the footage noted that:

‘Amazing footage shows what may have been a U.F.O. entering or leaving our earth. Location as stated on the original posting is that of Mexico. Stand by for further information. The footage was posted by another YouTube account holder who did not give specific location only the date as of February 2010’

One viewer noted that at 57 seconds into the clip one can see a UFO or a pair of UFOs in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

The footage resembles the notorious ‘UFO halo’ that appeared above Moscow last year in October and was also filmed and uploaded onto YouTube. That video received international attention and around 1 million views. Many regarded the ‘UFO Halo’ as some sort of UFO vortex or portal. Some even thought that it was a UFO mother-ship itself. The Moscow weather bureau was adamant however that the event was the result of an optical illusion caused by the sun’s rays breaking through cloud cover.

Since the Moscow ‘UFO halo’ incident such formations have been filmed in Romania, Florida, latin America and now Mexico.

Source: allnewsweb

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