Are there Alien UFO bases on The Moon?

Rumours of a UFO base on the far side of the moon have been circulating for many years.
Sergeant Karl Wolf has stated that he is willing to testify under oath in front of congress that he was shown pictures of extraterrestrial UFO bases on the moon while on a job at NASA headquarters.

Milton Cooper, an ex-Naval Intelligence Officer also has made claims that he was briefed on this matter during the course of his duties. He claims that the UFO base is referred to by the American intelligence community as ‘Luna’. According to Cooper Aliens generally bring their mother ships no closer to earth than the moon and then use smaller craft (perhaps of the type that allegedly crashed near Roswell) to enter Earth’s atmosphere.

A number of ex-NASA employees as well as former military intelligence figures have gone on record stating that astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw UFOs parked on the surface of the moon and took photos of them during their missions.

Proponents of the theory that a UFO base does indeed lie on the dark side of the moon point to the fact that a large proportion of images taken by satellites of the moon’s surface are highly classified. They argue that it is hard to imagine what could lie on the surface of a totally barren moon that could be of such need of secrecy?

All New Web is interested in hearing from anyone who can tell us anything about the UFO base on the moon and whether the aliens who built it are the race recently referred to in intelligence circles as the Axthadans?

Source: All News Web

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