Top 20 List – Is your house haunted?

Common indicators of ghosts in residence – electrical malfunctions and anomalies such as:

1. Light bulbs burn out frequently.
2. Batteries are drained.
3. Lights flicker and blink without burning out or a power surge.
4. Radios, televisions, cd players, computers, etc., suffer intermittent outages and sometimes won’t work at all, then work without any problem whatsoever.
5. Phones suffer from static, humming and various electrical interference sounds.
6. Phones ring without a source code.
7. Temperatures fluctuate dramatically in various parts of the house. Drafts occur without the presence of an open vent, window, door.
8. The house is impossible to keep clean and builds dust layers almost overnight.
9. You find presents of small flowers, toys, charms and other items you do not own nor can you identify an origination.
10. Smells and scents appear and become more intense during certain times when a ghost has been known to be present.
11. Voices can be heard very close to you when there is no one else present.
12. Tapping on pictures, windows and/or glass panes in the house and in the car.
13. Shadows seen crossing the room as you look the other way.
14. Items can sometimes become suspended in midair or fall on hard surfaces and not break.
15. Voices can be heard in the other room, between walls, on the (disconnected or turned off) television, on the phone, next to you in the shower, in the pillow.
16. Smoke detectors will chirp with new batteries.
17. Electrical items will operate without being plugged in.
18. Someone will whisper to you when you are trying to sleep.
19. Someone will call your name as if there was an emergency to wake you up.
20. The doorbell will ring when no one is there, and when it has been disconnected.

Source: Examiner

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