Phantom Roof Creature

“The photo was taken by my mother on Halloween day 1989 of me and my friend spray painting our hair before trick-or-treating,” says Melissa. “We were 13 years old at the time. We didn’t realize that there was a third person in the photo for quite some time — years — because we weren’t looking for it. We considered the idea of a double exposure, but there is no overlapping on the picture and also we don’t recognize the boy. He seems to be a young boy, maybe the around the same age as we were at the time. He’s standing behind me and has dark poofy hair, and seems to be looking down or has his eyes closed. You can see his facial features clearly and it looks like he’s wearing a t-shirt with writing on it. He’s standing in front of the tub enclosure; you can see his hair blocking the chrome trim on the door, yet you can also see the towel bar on the shower door through him.

It’s very interesting, but unfortunately I have no answers for it. The house was built for my parents in the early 1960s, so I have no stories of a previous family living there. And like I said, nobody recognizes the boy in the picture. I’d love to hear your feedback. Does this qualify as a legitimate ghost photo? I’d love to have it analyzed or just receive somebody’s professional opinion, like yours.

There is definitely an image of a boy there, so I don’t think it’s an illusion. It’s possibly a double exposure, but I don’t think so, for the reasons that you state, Melissa. That leaves two possibilities: it’s either a clever digital fake (always something we have to consider these days)… or it’s a ghost.

Melissa responds to the question about the photo being digitally altered:

“Yes, I can confirm that the photo wasn’t manipulated as it was taken in 1989 on regular film and developed at our local drug store,” she says. “I still have the original photo. It’s so weird.”

Source: About.com

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