Is this a photo of a Ghost? (more enhanced photos)

During a Public Ghost Tour of Victorias, Barwon Park Mansion (near Geelong) a photo of a ghost was revealed.

Is this a photo of a Ghost? (enhanced photo, original was very dark – other 3 enhanced photos made by Strange Strange Strange Blog’s Crew at botton of this post)

On the night of Saturday the 8th August 2009 a ghost tour group from Australian Ghost Adventures were exploring Barwon Park Mansion, Winchelsea Victoria.

At 11.20pm the group were in the Mansions stables upstairs loft when a patron sensed a presence in the corner of the Bluestone building.

Another patron used a digital thermometer to measure the temperature in the area the other person sensed something and got a reading of 22 ’C with the cold winter night readings at 5’C everywhere else in the building

Adam (another patron) took a number of photographs in the same direction of the heat source, after taking some photos his camera shut down, As the group left the stables, his camera started working again and he immediately checked his photos and one of them had the (attached) image. Could this be an image of a ghost?

Gary Sullivan, lead investigator and paranormal researcher from Australian Ghost Adventures said: “At the time the temperature rose to 22 degrees I put it down to one of the bluestone bricks being warm, but was not” and could not explain the temperature change on the digital thermometer. With the photo” he could not explain what the image was”.

Ron Dorre the Sceptic from AGA was also present.

“I too witnessed the events including Adam taking the photos, I couldn’t believe it when he checked them and it had a slight image of a girl in one of the frames”

We took the photo to Anthony Kilner a Photographer and photo journalist to investigate. The photo data showed no flash was used and to have such a clear photo in low light without a tripod was unusual.

The mystery is still not solved. The ghost tours continue and tour guides are encouraging photographers to take as many photos as they can in the Stables.

Source: Australian Ghost Adventures

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