A witness says: Mothman returned!

The good Paranormal Magazine informed in March 19th 2010 that a new witness came up to tell his sighting of the Mothman.

A witness who wishes anonymity was driving northbound on the Gudson Drive, Stow, Ohio, when just passing under the RT8 overpass bridge near Applebees restaurant on the 14th of September he saw a ‘9-10ft tall solid black entity standing on the southbound side of the road. No discernible head or facial features noticed.

Duration approx. 5-10secs. Distance approx 15-20’ from his vehicle.’

The report continues:
‘Witness had the feeling the entity was watching him and was “there” for him only. No other vehicles/persons present during sighting.

Immediately after turning his head back to the road, he looked in rear-view mirror, entity no longer visible. Did not see entity depart or disappear.

Witness became extremely upset and scared. Felt that he paled, and his eyes began to water uncontrollably.

The following day on his way home, as he neared the RT8 overpass, this time driving over the bridge he went under the day before, as he approached the bridge area, his eyes began to water uncontrollably once again, as he drove over the bridge and his eyes continued to water, until he passed beyond the bridge, then his eyes began to clear up.’

Source: The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society thru paranormalmagazine.co.uk

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