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Woman is not recognized after surgery and spend hours trapped in the airport

A Chinese woman who underwent plastic surgery on her face in South Korea had to spend several hours at Beijing airport after the police did not identify his face, very different picture of his passport.

According to the newspaper “Xin Beijing,” the woman, surnamed Li, traveled in 2009 to South Korea to undergo the operation aiming to be like Kim Hee-sun, a famous Korean actress.

Li, who says big fan of Kim, decided to stay in South Korea in the hope of knowing the actress personally, but could not.

After a year in South Korea, the police discovered that Li was illegally in the country, so she was detained for seven days, and finally deported to China.

However, his return was not easy, because the police saw no similarity between the image of the woman’s passport and that it stood at the airport.

Hundreds of Japanese and Chinese operating the eyes, sinuses or nose each year in South Korea, many of them wanting to win the faces of famous actresses.

A lot of them want to look like the prototype of Korean beauty promoted in Asian homes thanks to the television shows of that era created real stars of very successful throughout the region.

Source: EFE

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