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Russian Teenager attempts suicide exploding firecracker in mouth

An 18-year-old Russian man has put a powerful firecracker in his mouth and exploded it in an attempt to kill himself.

The hapless suicide attempt was foiled by doctors, despite serious injuries.

The incident took place in February in the central Russian city of Ufa, the Lifenews.ru website reported Friday. The 18-year-old, whose name was given as Azat G., got into a row with his parents over missing classes in school.

At some point, the teenager locked himself in a toilet and after a short time his parents heard a loud explosion.

As they broke the door they saw their son on the floor in a pool of blood.

The man was delivered to a local hospital with nasty injuries to his face, mouth and jaw.

It appeared that he had exploded a powerful Chinese-made firecracker in his mouth.

The operation to save Azat lasted for six hours. After a lengthy rehabilitation period, the man was discharged from hospital, but even now he is not capable to speech and communicates with other people by written notes.

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